6th October 2008

How To Configure SSL with Apache Tomcat and IIS 6.0

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The View Certificate button should now be enabled and if you click it you should see the details of the certificate you just installed. You need to ensure that there is a private key that corresponds to the certificate as shown here.

Next we need to enable SSL on the Tomcat virtual directory. Right-click the Jakarta virtual directory and click properties. Then click the Directory Security tab. Under Secure Communications click Edit.

Click Require SSL and Require 128-bit encryption and then click OK.

Now that we have configured a mandatory requirement for SSL on the Jakarta virtual directory we can test the setup by attempting to browse one of the Tomcat sample applications on port 80. You should see a 403.4 error message in your browser indicating that SSL is indeed required for this resource.

If we now try the browse one of the Tomcat sample applications using SSL we should see that the connection is successful and does indeed use SSL over port 443.

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