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4th February 2010

How To Build a Windows Cluster with Virtual PC and iSCSI – Part II

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Windows Server clusters require that all shared drives are formatted with NTFS. On the Format Partition screen select ‘Format this partition with the following settings’ then choose NTFS and leave the default allocation unit size. Choose an appropriate volume label and click Next

Click Finish to complete the New Partition Wizard

Follow the same steps for the other two disks so that they are all formatted with NTFS and have an appropriate drive letter. When complete the disks should appear as follows in the Disk Management console. We have now completed the initial configuration of the first node in preparation for the cluster installation. At this point we need to power down Node A and then start up Node B.

Remember that it is important to have only one machine running at any one time until after the cluster service is installed.

When Node A has shut down, start up Node B and check the iSCSI Initiator properties to ensure that it has re-connected to the iSCSI target disks correctly as shown here

On Node B launch the Computer Management console and in Disk Management you should see the unformatted disks listed as Basic disks. Format each of the disks with NTFS and assign the same drive letters as on Node A

Once you have formatted and assigned a drive letter to each of the iSCSI disks they should appear in the Disk Management console as regular disks

However, in reality these disks are simply a single large file which is stored on the iSCSI target server. It is the iSCSI software which presents these files to the operating system and allows it to address them as regular disks.

In the third and final article in this series we will look at the installation of the Windows Cluster service and demonstrate how it is actually possible to build a Windows Server Cluster using an iSCSI target and Microsoft Virtual PC

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